100 Ways of Fitness Day 36

One Good Thing Deserves Another

I’m struggling with negativity in my life right now.

It’s hard to work on improving my wellbeing when I feel so much pressure that I might explode.

So to take some of this pressure off, I think a gratitude list is in order.

I was going to list just one thing- but wouldn’t you know, when I started going through to find pictures, i immediately was reminded of several good things. That’s how gratitude works, isn’t it?

So, in no particular order:

  • Belugas- no I haven’t played with a beluga in over 6 years. The fact that belugas EXIST puts them on my gratitude list. They are perfection in the form of a beautiful arctic angel.
  • Danger Russ – I wouldn’t call you my work husband, but I can’t thank you enough for putting up with me Tuesdays- Thursdays, and being so understanding. I appreciate you and am grateful that someone like you is there.
  • The Kid- you cannot, I mean, CANNOT be in a bad mood around this cat. It’s physically impossible
  • Karen – mah babe! My sexy sexy gurl! I love how you continue to inspire me. You inspire hundreds of people, even those you’ve never met or even know who you are. Your awesomeness inspires me. And those I inspire have you to thank also. Ps- I love the shit out of you!
  • Chris : okay, I lied. This one is at the top of my gratitude list. Because I WAS going to write a whole post on how amazing this guy is! And not just because he’s sexy. Well, I mean, he’s dead sexy but that’s not even remotely the point. I came home and told him I had a lousy day, and he decides I need a back rub. And he notices when I do nice things for him, which makes me want to do nice things for him all the time. Like make chicken soup for him when he’s feeling sick. And he encourages me. Even when I’m down, Chris is my number one cheerleader.

I’m doing all right.

My evening routine is not becoming quite as routine as I’d like but I’m working on it. Yoga isn’t quite as enjoyable as I’d hoped I’d find it but I’m working on that too.

I haven’t gotten around to writing anything more than my posts but I’ll work on that too.

I am a work in progress. One day at a time. I am not just going to survive, I will come out the other side of these struggles stronger, smarter, and better!

Thanks everyone!

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100 Ways of Fitness Day 35: Part 2

Yoga cheater

Funny thing happened at the yoga studio today. Not yoga. I went in and was asked if I was doing the beginners class or Ryder class. Ryder class? What’s that? Oh, it on a Real Ryder, and works your core while working out. Sure, why not? Oh, you’ll love it.

Compared to yoga, I DID love it. Because it wasn’t yoga! It wasn’t remotely close to yoga. It was a fracking SPIN class on this bike that would lean left or right and would wobble in your hands when you stood up out of your saddle.

It was WAY better than yoga for me! I was already pumped about getting my bike tuned up, and now I get to do a SPIN CLASS at a yoga studio?!?! Yes, please.

Of course, this doesn’t help me achieve my goal for the month, so as much as I may have liked it (and that’s still relative, spin class has NOTHING on a real bike nor even close to a Crossfit WOD), I don’t think I’ll do it again because I need to practice yoga. I can do a spin class anywhere. Well, pretty much anywhere.

So back to beginners class tomorrow. Bye pretty Ryder. It was fun.


100 Ways of Fitness Day 35

Getting ready for BIKE season!!!!

I got extremely excited last week with a mild “heat wave” hitting us with the lows in the fifties. I thought I was being clever and prepared when I decided to make my appointment for my bike tune up this week (besides the fact my groupon expired this week- that had nothing to do with it) (that’s a lie, it had A LOT to do with it). So my hopes were almost crushed when Gregg’s Cycle said they were booked up until the 6th. But they are honoring my groupon as long as I got my bike in before the expiration date.

So I decided today was the day. I took Little Sexy in and dropped her off. But what I’m REALLY excited about is riding with my new seat! Siriusly! I’ve been riding on a broomstick handle for two years! This new seat feels like a fracking couch! My butt is thrilled!

Bike will be ready Saturday. Does this mean biking season starts Sunday? Maaaaaybe!



100 Ways of Fitness Day 34

Chug chug!

This is a cheat post. Well, sorta cheat post. I mean, I did accomplish it today but it’s just kind of lame. So I’ll try to spruce up the idea of drinking water with a little backstory. I know Brent and Kate are going to LOVE this! No cliff notes! Just me rambling on about sleep and well-being and drinking water!

I don’t sleep well. I suck at sleeping. I’m hot. My body is all tight- last few nights my quads have been so tight I couldn’t sleep. And I actually think my body or brain, one of these actually gets BORED with sleeping! It’s ridiculous.

One thing I’ve been trying to do and it’s a big go for February is to create an evening routine that sorta works with my well adjusted and habituated morning routine.

For my mornings, I start each morning with 20 oz of water. Before I do anything I drink 20 oz of water. Take my supplements. Then my morning starts.

So I’m trying to also create the habit of drinking 20 oz at the end of my day. And so far I’ve been doing great. The first few nights I had to get up several times throughout the night but now I think my body is really getting accustomed to it.

To be honest though, I’m not seeing a tremendous change yet. I’m still hot. Body temperature hasn’t regulated yet. My legs still hurt, but I’m working on that with my foam roller, and Chris has even offered to help by rubbing the knots out. And I’ve got knots. I need a long deep tissue massage, and I need it yesterday, but I’ll get to that eventually.

But like all habits that stick, I bet if I give this evening routine a shot for the whole month that I’ll be sleeping way better (I can’t wait for that to happen either!)

I know the water in the morning had increased my energy levels tremendously. I feel awake and refreshed each morning and I’m pretty sure the water has a lot to do with it. I mean, staying hydrated throughout the day works wonders on my energy levels too.

So I’m going to continue to work on that goal. Keep chugging away!


100 Ways of Fitness Day 33

Groundhog Day

A few years ago I watched Groundhog Day and had an epiphany. It never actually sticks, but I am reminded every year of my lesson from the classic movie (don’t tell me you havent seen it- it IS a classic), and especially with this challenge, I wanted to share it with you and get some of your thoughts.

Bill Murray had to relive his day over and over until he got it “right”. At some point, he starts just doing things he’s always wanted to try, but he never had time, or never got around to it, and that’s when we start seeing a change in his character. He starts living his day to be the best because he’s going to have to live it over and over.

Every year on Groundhog Day, I commit to living each day like I’m going to have to relive it over and over again. I make the promise to make that day the best possible. It stays with me for about a week or two, and then it falters, but I’ve been thinking, with this challenge, I’m trying to do something each day to better my life as a whole, so why DOES Groundhog Day have to end? Heck, why does 100 Ways have to end? What if I do something each day that I will be grateful for for the rest of my life? How awesome would that be?

That being said, what would you do today if you knew you’d have to relive it over and over again?

And I know the photo doesn’t exactly work with the theme, but it’s just hilarious and wanted to share.
Happy Groundhog Day!


100 Ways of Fitness Day 32

Yoga: 1 Pattie: 0

Today I got a 10 class pass to Hot Yoga Inc for $10. It was too cheap to pass up. To start off my one month of yoga, I decided to do their Yin yoga class, which was their supposedly “easiest” class as it consisted of stretching and the heat off.

It still sucked. First, I thought it was an hour, it was actually 90 minutes. And the stretches weren’t that difficult, it was the holding of each stretch for a VERY long time that nearly killed me.

I love pigeon pose (or swan as they called it this class). But holding pigeon for FIVE minutes EACH leg?? Kill me.

And even with the heat turned off it was uncomfortably warm.

But I am committing to this for a month. So when they asked how was it after class, I told them honestly “it was horrible. See you tomorrow”

I truly truly hope this gets easier and by the end of the month I’m holding pigeon for ten minutes and enjoying every minute of it.

Yoga, you may have won this particular battle, but you will not win the war!


100 Ways of Fitness Day 31

Healthy Habits- healthy lifestyle

Can you all believe it’s the end of January? 31 days done!

This is a great chance to check in with everyone and see if you are noticing any trends starting, habits being formed, lifestyles growing?

I didn’t share any concrete goals for January, but I have some great accomplishments!

  1. writing a post every day.
  2. drinking 20 oz of water first thing in the morning
  3. drinking 100 oz of water overall each day
  4. taking my supplements everyday
  5. created a morning routine that helps Chris out with household chores- feed kittehs and do training session with the Kid, empty dishwasher, clean litter box, and take the recycling out.

So for February I’m excited to say I have an amazing month long goal: YOGA!

I hate yoga. I loathe it with every fiber of my being. I’ve tried it multiple times and I just never liked it. But I know it would do a world of good for me, so I committing to doing it ALL MONTH, no matter how much I dislike it the first day, week, or whatever. One of two things is going to happen: 1) I’ll see the benefits and FEEL the benefits and come to love it, or B) I’ll still hate it and I’ll never have to try it ever again. I have a strong feeling it’s going to be a healthy habit.

As for other incredibly healthy habits, I have simpler goals

  1. do glute exercises everyday, preferably at lunch but after work is acceptable, as long as I DO THEM!
  2. use my foam roller for at least 15 minutes each night
  3. on weekdays, be off electronics by 9pm
  4. on weekdays, be in bed by 10 pm

What are some of your goals for February? I’d love to hear them!






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100 Ways of Fitness Day 30

Personal Training

I’ll start this off by saying this personal training I just finished was very different from all my others. No strings attached, 4 sessions, let’s do them and be on our way, test your limits, build up strength and see you later.

I’ve never hated my personal trainers (except for one, but I didn’t hate him until AFTER I stopped working with him). I love having someone push me to my limits. Because my mentality will never allow myself to push further. But someone telling me to? I can do that!

I do have a preferred method of training- which is relying on positive reinforcement. Remember that post? My trainer this time was incredibly encouraging and motivational. From day one through today, he stayed uplifting and positive. He mentioned his disdain for the word “can’t” (I mentioned that I didn’t think I could do a triathlon bc I couldn’t string the swimming, biking, and running all together). But he always had something new for me to try and put in my tool belt for future use. I have to warn Stephanie Forbes Miller, Susan Burchardt, Alyssa Borek, Erin Martin, and Kim Szawan that it is highly likely you will experience some of the fun activities for future bootcamps! SMF!

Do I NEED personal training? No. Not anymore. Do I still enjoy one on one time with someone who professionally knows exercises that will challenge me and help me meet my fitness goals? Oh, hell yeah!

Most gyms have a personal trainer option. Some even have one free session a month with their membership. Most places like LA Fitness are trying to just make a quick buck off you, but if you really do want to up your game, even a factory trainer is way better than nothing.

That’s all I got. Thanks, Matthew. See you on the upside!


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100 Ways of Fitness Day 29

“In case of emergency, break glass and hug goat.”

It’s no secret I’ve had a pretty rough week. Chris Topher and I were supposed to go play with goats last Saturday, but I read on the farm’s website they required reservations for tours and we didn’t hear from them in time. I was a pretty sad panda.

But then, the zoo’s training mentor group announced they were going to have a luncheon workshop at the Family Farm. Which is where the GOATS live!!!! I spent about an hour and a half playing with GOATS!!! And I got PAID for it!!!!

Alyssa and I were teamed with Sparky, the youngest goat in the herd, and we were trying to teach him to kiss our cheek (by licking and getting his wonderful smelly goat slobber all over me). You know, for Valentine’s Day. Because nothing is sweeter than a goat kiss!
We got as far as Sparky kissing our hand near our face, but not quite an actual kiss ( I swear, Alyssa, I’ll go up the next two weeks and teach that little guy to kiss us or die trying! I’m getting a fracking goat kiss for Valentine’s Day!). Which is fine. Because I spent the afternoon playing with GOATS!!! And I got PAID for it!!! Because it’s my JOB!!!

I’m going to try to see if Diane, the Family Farm keeper, will let me just stop by one lunch break once in a while to get a snuggle in. Because of everything I’ve done this week to deal with my emotions and frustrations, playing with goats has been by FAR the most therapeutic activity.

I just need a baby goat behind glass so when I’m in a sour mood, Chris can run over, grab the goat and breathe easy knowing everything is going to be fine. Pattie has her goat….that would be AWESOME!

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100 Ways of Fitness Day 28 Part 2

Glutes, there it is!

Okay, I’m probably going to get ripped a new one by Lynn Gannon, because I am NOT a physical therapist. BUT! I have seen one for my knees, and the exercises prescribed for me have often worked wonders.
So, as a disclaimer first, if you try these and they don’t work or whatever, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE!!
I have been spending about 20 minutes during my lunch break doing these all week. I hope to make it a habit and maybe get my knees back on track in time for biking season.
20 each donkey kicks
20 each fire hydrants
20 each side leg lifts
20 each lower leg lifts
20 each lateral walks
20 monster walks front and backwards
10 each pistol squats, being super duper careful that my knee doesn’t go over my toe, and right now I’m holding onto a wall for dear life
20 physio ball glute bridges
20 each single leg glute bridges
20 each single leg deadlifts
30 second side plank each side
10 each single leg sit downs

Again, it takes me about 15-20 minutes to complete the routine. And I’ve been spending about 5-8 minutes with my foam roller each night, trying to go up in time each night. Aiming for 10 minutes tonight.
I will get my knees bike ready or i will die trying!