30 Days of ZooFit: Day 2- Fandom Fitness

I love coming up with new ways to make working out fun.  I have a whole new system for choosing our workouts for the summer, and I was excited to try it out yesterday. Our first workout for this season was a Harry Potter workout, from my Fandom Fitness collection.
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Boredom is a Four Letter Word

I’m working on the Enrichment section for my book Zookeeper’s Guide to Fitness. Enrichment was one of my favorite aspects of being a zookeeper. Keeping the animals mentally and physically active, increasing naturalistic behaviors, and engaging them in more dynamic ways was the epitome of zookeeping, personally.  Continue reading Boredom is a Four Letter Word

The MacGyver Factor


I’ve often referred to zookeepers as the MacGyvers of the professional world.  I can’t think of any other profession where employees routinely think quick on their feet, respond immediately to issues, and utilize resources the way zookeepers do.  We are innovative, creative, and inventive, the Ravenclaws for the Care of Truly Magical Creatures.  This resourcefulness I learned in the animal care field has helped me more times than I can count, as a zookeeper, as a writer, as a fitness enthusiast, and as a conservationist. Continue reading The MacGyver Factor