100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 25: Giving with the Heart

If you are a devout and dedicated EarthFitter, than you may be aware that a main component to EarthFit is what I call “Experiencing Nature”.  Getting outdoors and connecting to the earth in healthy ways is the core of EarthFit, and there are dozens of ways to foster a better appreciation for nature and the environment Continue reading 100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 25: Giving with the Heart

100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 23: Books and Owls

While I tend to focus a great deal on physical fitness in my writings, I realize the importance of relaxation, mental fitness, and enrichment.  So, it was a great day to get all three with a focus on books, nature, and one of my favorite animals on the refuge, great horned owls.

I host a book club at the refuge and for our meeting this month we read an interesting book called “Passionate Slugs and Hollywood Frogs” by Patricia Lichen. Continue reading 100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 23: Books and Owls

Why Zoos Matter Special Series: Documentary vs Zoo

An increasingly popular argument against zoos is emerging from the animal rights’ front.  That argument is stating that zoos are becoming obsolete because everything we need to learn about wildlife and conservation can be taught through the internet and documentaries.  That seeing animals in a zoo setting is not like seeing them in real life, like you can in a documentary.

spy in the herd
Dung camera gets close to the elephants. So does a zoo, though.

I’m not really one to debate the value of a good documentary.  With our advanced technology, researchers are able to get closer than ever without disturbing the natural behavior of animals in their natural environment (have you seen the documentaries that use cameras shaped like dung?!?!).  Many documentaries help broaden the knowledge of a particularly interesting animal, and may intensify a spark to protect a species. Continue reading Why Zoos Matter Special Series: Documentary vs Zoo

100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 10: Puddle Stompers

Every now and then we humans should take a step back and just stop growing up for a moment.  Stop being so adult for a little while and see the world with children’s eyes and try stomping in puddles.  See the wonder that is around us and explore our surroundings as if for the first time. Continue reading 100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 10: Puddle Stompers

100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 6: Experiencing Nature 101

Today I volunteered at the Wildlife Refuge, something I regularly do on Saturday mornings since Chris is usually at his open studio.  While at the refuge, I started reading a book called “Bird Watching for Dummies”.  It was a quick read, but maybe not the perfect one for me to get hooked on Birding as a pastime.  There are several other Birding Basics books at the store where I work, so I feel I have plenty of time to explore the possibility of becoming a birder.  Honestly, if anyplace is going to turn me, it’s the Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge.  wetlandobservationdeck

I was considering writing about Birding today, but I only read one book and I don’t have enough information.  But reading the book reminded me of an important aspect I developed for EarthFit, which is “Experiencing Nature”.  And with that came, wouldn’t you guess it, a list! Continue reading 100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 6: Experiencing Nature 101

Work in Progress

How do you know if you are making progress in your fitness if you don’t have a gym or a personal trainer to mark progress toward your goal? progress You mark it yourself.  And today, I wanted to test how far Chris and I may have come in our journey of working out in the great outdoors.  On October 14, we finished one of the most grueling workouts I’d ever come up with: the Nature Park.  The workout entailed us running around the entirety of the park, following all trails going to the left.  Well, we don’t run so much as jog or run at a walking pace.  But I did us one more in the workout.  How much fun would it be to just run?  None at all.  So, I decided to have us do different exercises every time we came up to a bench.  They were quick little circuits, but effective.  On that date, October 14, Chris and I finished the entire circuit in 90 minutes.  That was about 3 miles of jogging plus several circuits of abs, legs, and arms.673px-TualatinHillsMap Continue reading Work in Progress

Nature Trail Workout

There are a couple nature parks near us, and as this month we are still experiencing non-fall-like weather, I decided to try our nature trail workout at another park today.  This park was about 20 minutes away at Cooper Mountain.  It wasn’t a bad drive, but it is a little further than we ideally would go for a park workout in normal circumstances.cooper mountain

What drew me to try out Cooper Mountain in the first place was, unlike Tualatin Hills Nature Park, Cooper Mountain has a playground, with slides and pull-up bars.  So, I wanted to check it out to see if that was a feasible option for a playground workout if we wanted a change of scenery once in a while. Continue reading Nature Trail Workout

Connecting to Nature in Fitness

Today’s workout was the epitome of everything EarthFit stands for.  We went to the Nature Park that is right across the street, and finished a grueling 90 minute workout.  But it was perfect!  Perfect challenge.  Perfect setting.  Just perfect!

There are a ton of trails at the Tualatin Hills Nature Park.  We decided to hit the main trail and just “stay left”.  Whenever we hit a fork in the trail, we veered left.  So, by going around the entire trail, we jogged about 4.5 miles.   Continue reading Connecting to Nature in Fitness