ZooFit Resolutions 2018

It’s the new year, and I’m a little late on the uptake for new year’s resolutions, but I agree it’s better late than never.

I do personally like making new year’s resolutions. A brand new start with fresh ambition and a strong motivation to succeed. I usually have a plethora of both in January. Continue reading ZooFit Resolutions 2018

Save the Planet with Healthy Habits

(I’m still playing a little catch-up on posts, but also focused on putting together all my writing segments from the past two months.  This post is from January 1st):

I like the New year Resolution tradition and all the promises it offers.  Some fitness professionals, and even some goal-setting and optimizing gurus may shy away from the sometimes outlandish promises we make to ourselves.  I find making New Year resolutions to be a very hopeful time when mistakes are forgiven, errors are erased, and anything is possible. Continue reading Save the Planet with Healthy Habits