Principles of Eating Green: Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

Many principles of Eating Green play off each other. Such is the way of Principle #7- Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. This pairs perfectly with the 3rd principle- eat whole, unprocessed foods. It also pairs well with 8, 10, and 12, which we’ll talk about soon. Continue reading Principles of Eating Green: Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

Principles of Eating Green: Think Global, Eat Local

I really don’t know if these new principles I’m writing out are going to be my final word on the subject. The idea of ZooFit is it is ever-growing, ever-evolving. I’ve been looking at my eating habits for a long time. I have found these principles to be in line with the dual aspects of healthy eating and conservation. Continue reading Principles of Eating Green: Think Global, Eat Local

Principles of Eating Green: Eat Whole, Unprocessed Foods

When we are eating green, we aren’t just eating for our own health, we are eating for the planet. The principles I have been working on developing are key to eating green because they meld the idea of healthy nutrition with conservation.  Continue reading Principles of Eating Green: Eat Whole, Unprocessed Foods

Principles of Eating Green: Paleo-ish

A few days ago, I was listening to yet another book telling me how THEIR diet was the best program to follow. I listened for a while, at least 30 minutes, but started zoning out, because my mind wandered to my own principles I’ve started following for optimal health and fitness. Continue reading Principles of Eating Green: Paleo-ish

Principles of Eating Green- Mostly Vegetarian

I’m developing my Principles of Eating Green. Maybe this is the start to yet ANOTHER book, but for now I’m really using this blog as an idea bouncy-board.

I have 13 (ish) principles which I want to delve into further.  Continue reading Principles of Eating Green- Mostly Vegetarian

30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Day 30- Anniversary Tradition

Seventeen years ago today, I married the most perfect man in the universe. No, for real. He looks like Thor, he is kind and compassionate, and he does the dishes. Continue reading 30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Day 30- Anniversary Tradition

30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Day 23- ZooFit Exercise Guide

I’ve been a little over-obsessed with Conservation Fitness and it’s been driving me slowly insane. Continue reading 30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Day 23- ZooFit Exercise Guide

30 Days of Experiencing Nature: Day 19- Just Keep Swimming

I considered taking the day off from Experience Nature to talk about my adventures in dental care, but I did have a chance to get outdoors today, and I want to focus on that.

Knowing I wouldn’t have the chance to workout after my dental appointment (they bring out the big guns for me- lots of drugs, lots of needles, lots of drilling), I went early to Pilates and then for a longer swim in Goss Lake. 

I’m swimming more frequently for a couple reasons. My shoulder and knees are still acting wonky. My knees not nearly as bad as my shoulder. I tweaked it way back in November, got a cortisone shot, and now it’s worn off. So, basically, back to the pain I had before I got the shot. I’ve been using the cannabis oil tincture on my knees, and it seems to be working pretty good. I don’t notice any difference on my shoulder. Lifting weights, and doing lots of different movements only seems to agitate my shoulder, and sometimes bothers my knees. Even Pilates is pushing it a little with my aches and pains. But swimming? Doesn’t bother me a bit. So, if I’m looking to do some cardio workouts, and my normal workouts are aggravating injuries, then swimming is the way to go.

Another reason I’m swimming more is I’m training for the Whidbey Island Triathlon the end of July. “But PJ, you said your knees and shoulder hurt, are you going to do the crazy biking and running, too?” No. That’s what my teammates are for. Philip is an AVID cyclist with the fastest bike and the fastest times on the island. Sam runs 6 or 7 minute miles. Repeatedly. 

All I have to do is get down to a 12-13 minute 1/2 mile swim, and we will be not just the fastest relay, but the fastest course time ever. But last year I didn’t even break 15 minutes. I don’t know what happened, but I felt like I choked in the water (not literally, I would have drowned). I’m bound and determined not to let that happen this year, so I’m swimming. As much and as often as I can.

I have a schedule (YAY! LISTS!) for my swimming days, and it allows me to swim 4-5 days each week. I also have a schedule for when and how to up my progression to work up to a 12 minute 1/2 mile. My first week I would swim out as far as I felt comfortable (some days I was the only person at the lake- it’s an eerie feeling to be alone in the water, where no one can hear you if you scream for help), and then try to swim the entire way back without stopping, or the course of one full song on my aqua iPod.

My progression was going to have me increasing duration (by measure of songs) where I swam non-stop and then progress my intensity during songs by swimming fast for one song, then 2 songs, and finally giving my all for 3 songs. It works out if I continue on this schedule to have me full on Beast Mode for 3 songs the last week before the Triathlon.

But then today, I went swimming with two other ladies. We just happened to get to Goss Lake at the same time. We all just happened to be going for a swim. We didn’t swim together, though. Me, with my agenda and iPod went in one direction while the other two started swimming straight out in another. When I finished my set, I looked out and those ladies were swimming all the way to the other side of the lake!

What the? Why was I trying to figure out distance by a fracking song? Especially when some songs are 3 minutes and others are 5? I can easily figure out how far it is to swim clear across the lake. I can time myself better that way too. By the time the race rolls around and there are markers in the water, I will be more accustomed to swimming the distance rather than the guessing game I’m playing now.

So now I’ve updated my schedule.

  • Week 1 (this week)- Swim to other side and back. Three rest stops allowed. One on the way to other side, one at the other side, and the last one on the way back. Try to swim at least 2 consecutive songs on either trip without stopping.
  • Week 2-Swim all the way to other side without stopping, rest for at least one full song (hopefully a short one), and swim all the way back without stopping
  • Week 3- Swim all the way (there and back, like a hobbit) without stopping, any speed you like
  • Week 4- Swim all the way there with a speed of Fast for one song, recover/base pace for 2 songs. Rest on the other side, and then swim all the way back with same speed pace
  • Week 5- All the way. Swim one song fast, two songs slow/recover
  • Week 6- RACE WEEK- All the way, maintain fast one song, recover one song.

6 weeks until the Triathlon. 6 weeks to make a commitment and possibly a habit of swimming when I am able to. It’s a great workout, easy on the joints, and keeps me connected to my Sacred Space.

Just keep swimming, and I’ll see you at the lake!